Michael J. Sheridan, co-writer, producer, editor and director of "James Dean Forever Young," spent more than ten years conducting extensive research, including more than 300 personal interviews of actors, writers, producers and directors who had worked with James Dean on virtually all of his 1950s television performances. Having unearthed 28 of the known 38 television shows in which Dean appeared, Sheridan has crafted what is the definitive profile of James Dean in his pursuit of his acting career. This feature-length documentary touches on much more than Dean's three motion pictures "East of Eden," "Rebel Without A Cause" and "Giant," exploring Dean's early forays into television and stage as he honed his acting craft fresh from his Indiana farm.

Sheridan has collaborated on editing the three "That's Entertainment" motion pictures, and he co-wrote, co-produced, co-edited and co-directed the third installment of the series before embarking on producing "James Dean Forever Young."

In addition, Sheridan served as the Associate Producer and Co-Editor on the award-winning documentary "Hooray For Hollywood."

Sheridan's career has included editing two films for renowned director Franco Zeffirelli: "The Champ" and "Endless Love," as well as editing two films for acclaimed director Terence Young: "Inchon" and "Run For Your Life." Sheridan has also served as an Editor or Co-Editor on the features "That's Dancing," "Born In East L.A." and "Eternity." As for television work, Sheridan's credits include the telefilms "Battling For Baby," "White Hot (The Thelma Todd Story)," "Stolen: One Husband," "Class Cruise," "Lena: My One Hundred Children" and "Challenge of a Lifetime," as well as the television series "Ripley's Believe It Or Not," "Logan's Run" and "How the West Was Won."

Sheridan began his career in the film industry as a runner for the Columbia Pictures Film Laboratory, later working in the film laboratory of Consolidated Film Industries. In 1964, he landed a job at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

At M.G.M., Sheridan eventually worked his way up to head negative cutter for such notable films as "Dr. Zhivago," "Grand Prix," "Ice Station Zebra" and "Ryan's Daughter," among others. After deciding to pursue a career as an editor, Sheridan became an assistant editor on such films as "The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing" and "New York, New York."

"James Dean Forever Young" is the culmination of Sheridan's lifelong ambition of exploring the early formative years of James Dean.